Make Things Easy
ISV-Service platform
The preferred global business network, software and services platform
Payment of the Easy to get , Services (software)
GS-Service platform
Software development, custom software services platform
Software distribution platform
UnionBuy-Service platform
Make your shopping more affordable
Xu's Kiwi
Chengdu Pujiang "natural oxygen bar" mu base for direct marketing of fruit
iCloud-Service platform
Comprehensive network solutions customized for you
iGrow-Service platform
Application platform for the China Youth Health Education
1 Foundation
Investment focus on the Internet
iCareer-service platform
ECCIC Recruitment Platform
Record daily work bit by bit!
ECCIC first e-commerce Group
Share of global Internet resources
Let training as simple as the buffet
Bitcoin Trading Platform
ECCIC Bitcoin Trading Platform
Investment cooperation department
Australia start here
Chinese and Japanese market, will launch cloud work plan
Sign contract becomes more convenient
ISoftvalley application software and service platform, application software and provider ( ISoftvalley is a full range of multi angle of view of the Internet: iNET service platform based on the application of software development and sales services; around the Internet has related web site customization design, promotion and other services; the elite IT talent cluster platform for customers to choose the most appropriate technology talents to develop their own projects...(Learn More) Vision:
For e-business as a service, shared management
Help customers success first ,then we success
Spirit of enterprise:
Pursuit of competition and do the best I
Help the development of SMEs, by your wisdom
A simple change to all
Management concept:
Care, training, sharing, motivation, creativity, focus, execution = excellent team
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